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Use a Squatty Potty Like a Pro

Use a Squatty Potty Like a Pro

What? A squat what?

When traveling through Asia, Europe, and South America you may encounter a squatty potty. Some questions may come to mind like - do I stand on those grooves? Do I straddle? Will there be splashing? Who do I ask about this? Do they speak my language? Hey, what is the bucket and scoop for? Whatever you do don't verbally express yourself and control your facial expressions. You are a culturally-tuned traveler - you got this.

Overcome the challenge of using a squatty potty with these few tips:

  1. Have local currency on hand in case you have to pay to enter the WC/toilet or buy toilet paper. #noflushtp

  2. Have wipes in the bathroom with you! There could be some splashing that occurs. #noflushwipes All paper items go in the trash.

  3. If you have thunder thighs like myself, straddle that squatty potty! #noshame. Wearing shorts or pants? Feel free to remove one leg, hold to the side and go. Ladies, I prefer a dress - it's just easier.

  4. Have hand sanitizer.

  5. The bucket and/or scoop is for washing down the waste.

    *Do not drink or wash your hands or face with that water.

Throwing toilet paper in the trash may be new to you! But you can do it!

Check out this video for visuals.

Let me know how your first squatty potty encounter goes!

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