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Ropatis Are Trippin

Ropatis Are Trippin

Previously, when I would think of a road trip things would come to mind like the windows down, summer time, blasting music, talking (a lot), many stops to use the bathroom, chips galore, maybe nap - maybe not, paper maps, and arriving to the destination never felt so good. What are road trips like now? Nowadays, I want those windows up most of the time because this hair is wild enough as is. Blasting music is out of the question. I don’t even want to hear words, just instruments or some meaningful words about Jesus and how we can get the gospel to more people. Need I say that many bathroom stops are still a thing? Nah, you already know. I’ve traded chips for nuts and paper maps for Google maps. I no longer rush to the destination. I enjoy the journey. So many beautiful things can be missed by rushing to the destination.


I enjoy the journey.

I knew when we moved to Italy I would see some beautiful places, but driving back from Germany through Austria and North Italy blew my socks off. The whole point of this post is to share with you the beauty of the drive, why you should always leave time for surprise stops, and four stops you must make, if you take this drive.

Our Route


Origin: Stuttgart, Germany

Departed at 08:00

First Stop: Highline179

Reutte, Austria

The only thing we planned for the return trip was to drive through Innsbruck, but we turned the curve and saw the castle ruins atop the mountain and hubs suggested we stop. This post wouldn’t exist if we hadn’t stopped. The desire to return wouldn’t exist if we hadn’t pulled over to explore. Look at the gift we received by not rushing home to do the same old things.

Once we parked and walked to the extra-large map of the area, we discovered it was far more exciting than we thought. Seeing the castle ruins of Ehrenberg requires you to hike about 20 minutes up a steep mountain. Then to reach Fort Claudia on the opposite mountain, you must cross the suspension bridge - “Highline179.” It hovers at 374 feet above ground and its length is 1,332 feet. (179 is the road it’s located on, if you’re wondering what that’s about.) I was excited and a little nervous to walk across. As long as I kept my head up, I was great. Fantastic views! There was snow on the ground too (see pic at the bottom of this post). On the way back, I videoed the entire walk (warning: it’s raw and silly); you can see it here.

Cost: 8€ per adult, 4€ for parking. You must have the ticket in hand to scan before passing through the turnstiles to the bridge, i.e. buy them before hiking up.

Always leave time for surprise stops!

They have great facilities, souvenirs, hotel, chapel, restaurant, and more. For all the fun things at Burgenwelt Ehrenberg check this site.

40493900-1c81-48e7-96b4-a2360f185647 (1).jpg

Second Stop: Rasthaus Zugspitzblic

Biberwier, Austria

When we left Ehrenberg, we saw this beautiful lake from the road. Shortly after, we saw a place to turn into for a picture. The lookout point of Rasthaus Zugspitzblick (which also has a restaurant) was almost perfect. I say almost because the platform next to the restaurant was closed off, so I had to stand in sort of an awkward/scary place to get a photo. Isn’t the view unbelievable?


Third Stop: Innsbruck, Austria

Old Town

Before I said we planned to drive through Innsbruck, but we actually stopped and had lunch. Hunger came on strong after the hike. After we got some sustenance, we took a brief walk around the old town before leaving and I saw the magical view you see in the photo above. I would like to return for a weekend visit to see what else this sweet city in the Alps has to offer. Perhaps in the winter when Christmas decorations are out. I love cold weather and Christmas.

McDonald’s Schönberg

Where I wish we would’ve stopped after Innsbruck. Click the image to see why I say this.

As we passed this McDs my husband informed me that someone told him we should stop there. We didn’t stop but we will next time. I looked it up to see what the hype was about and WOW. Who would think to put a McDonalds of all restaurants on the mountain side with those views of Austria?


Tip: Life is short - make the stop.


Destination: Vicenza, Italy

Home Sweet Home Arrived at 20:30

Below are a few other pictures taken on this trip. If you make this trip, stop at these locations or others, please let me know for future reference. I’ll be making this trip again in the fall.

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