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PCS to Vicenza Q&A

PCS to Vicenza Q&A

Hawaii to Vicenza

When planning for an overseas move, or any move, you may feel like punching today in the face. It’s just a figure of speech. Hang in there - you’re going to Europe; Italy to be exact. Just imagine - once you’re there, you can hop a train, a bus, or a plane and get to many amazing places within a short time and a small(ish) amount of money; as opposed to traveling from Hawaii. Stay focused on the end goal! (To get an idea of what you have to look forward to, check out this video —> Vicenza .)

There is a plethora of information you need to know when PCS’ing. If you’re lucky, you’ll have good contacts to help you get through it. The best thing you can do is download a checklist and start months in advance, or as soon as possible. Take it upon yourself to ask everyone questions to get the information you desire that is not provided to you. I’ve prepared a list of questions and answers (based on our experience as civilians).

Note: It is different for active duty. The Facebook pages I’ve suggested should be able to help Active Duty members tremendously with specific things not found here.


Do I need to save money for travel and moving expenses until I’m reimbursed?

Who asked this ever? Not me. The answer is YES - save up several thousand dollars. You may need to pay the credit card bill before you are reimbursed for the expenses or you may need to pay rent before LQA begins.

Also, you will be expected to come out of pocket for the deposit to move into your new home. However, you will get it back at the end of your lease (as long as you do right by the contract).

As of April 2019, you will be taxed on your Foreign Transfer Allowance reimbursements and shipping costs. Once we’ve completed this year and filed taxes, I’ll update this with more information.

Here is the DFAS Youtube Channel to help you sort through the manure, I mean minutia.

Do I need to keep ALL receipts?

Keep ALL meal, taxi, parking fees, baggage, airfare, shipping/mailing, and hotel receipts. Anything that may be reimbursable, keep the receipt. We have never produced receipts for meals in Hawaii. After claiming our expenses in Italy for per diem, the finance office requested receipts that we didn’t have for meals (that were not over $75 each). Typically, they only ask if it’s over $75. I dug up credit card bills and bank statements to turn in. I guess the cash purchases won’t be reimbursed.

Tip: Ensure orders, or amended orders, are signed prior to departure. The orders will have to be sent with reimbursement requests and if it’s not signed, it’s going to take even longer.

Do I have to continue to pay Hawaii state taxes while living in Italy?

Yes. If you need the documentation of that, leave a comment and I’m happy to forward it to you. All other states - check with the state tax department.

Will I be reimbursed for postage, if I mail something after our HHG have been taken?

I’m glad you asked. We spent $109.13 on postage. We were told they would reimburse us 95% of what it would’ve cost the government to ship it. That came out to about $10.00. It wasn’t worth the paperwork.

Is there a document I can read to help me with the reimbursements and other information?

Yes, here are a couple:

JTR Regulations

Overseas Entitlements

Do I need a passport and VISA?

You have to get an official passport (you and dependents) which takes time. When the official passports come in, you have to submit for VISAs. You need this before leaving the island, so you’ll need to allow for time to get those. We got the runaround, so it took more time thanks to the partial shutdown in January 2019.

How long did it take for the unaccompanied baggage to arrive (from HI - picked up Feb 4th)?

It arrived 29 March.

How long did it take for the HHG to arrive (from HI -picked up Feb 6th)?

We received the email on 11 April to schedule delivery (delivered the following week). The delivery process was smooth and fast. We had 6 crates, live in the ZTL, and on the top floor. The elevator is too small to utilize for moving furniture. Being the savvy movers they are, they brought a lift and everything came in over the balcony and in the double doors. The movers began about 9:30am or so, took lunch, and finished by 4pm I believe. I didn’t have them unpack everything, but later they came back to pick up the remaining boxes.

How long did it take for the car to arrive (from HI - dropped off Feb 13th)?

The car arrived May 7th. The registration process is well organized. I did drive to Ederle between registration and inspection to have the license plates mounted at the auto skills center. When I returned to the VPC for inspection I waited over an hour in line, but the actual inspection was about 10 minutes.

Can I get around easily without a car for 2-3 months?

We had no problems getting where we wanted to go. The public transportation system here is very efficient. I booked Ederle Inn the first week we were here and that was great for in-processing. The next 6 weeks, we stayed in an Airbnb downtown (open link, scroll to Vicenza) next to the bus stop (for bus 1; which goes straight to Ederle).

Are weekly/monthly bus passes available for purchase?

Yes. You have many options. Here is an example of what we use.

If you purchase a ticket on the bus, it’s 2€. This ticket is valid for 120 mins (from the time of validation).

You can purchase a 5 use (multiviaggio) bus pass (valid for 90 mins after each validation) for the city center for 5,30€. If you buy this pass, you will save 4,70€.

There is also a 7 use bus pass (valid for 120 mins after each validation) for the city center and the outlying villages (extra-urban) for 10,45€.

Also, you can buy a SVT card and it’s an actual card that you refill and reuse.

See all options here.

Important to know: the bus hours are from 05:30-20:30. Then, you have to use the evening service which is texting a number and they send someone to pick you up. I haven’t tried this yet.

TIP: Download the Rome2Rio app. I’ve noticed that Google Maps doesn’t consider the regionale buses, only the city bus. We could’ve taken a regionale bus to the other side of Torri di Quartesolo said R2R, but Google maps showed no buses going there.

Will I have to get an Italian driver’s license?

Yes, if you plan on driving here. Study the driver’s manual and take a written exam. You are not required to do a driving test.

Is there on base housing in Vicenza?

Yes, it’s down the street from the base and it’s only for active duty military members.

What’s the average cost of rent downtown and outside?

City Center (as of Mar 2019) - Approx $1900+ (nice, 3 bedroom)

Vicenza area (outside of center) (as of Mar 2019) - Approx. $1600+/- (yard, nice, 3 bedroom)

I’ve heard the houses are smaller, will my furniture fit?

If you’re looking for an apartment in the center, be mindful of the doorways into the building. Sometimes they are very small. Ask if there’s another entrance and if there’s an elevator (how small is it?). Is there a cellar (storage area)?

If you’re looking at stand alone or townhouses outside of the city center, you will have many options.

What’s the best way to find a home, if staying off base?

In your briefing and information guides you’ll be informed that housing will assist you in finding a house. However, we used a realtor. We did have to pay the realtor fee and requested reimbursement. The realtor’s fee is the first month’s rent and you may be required to pay the taxes. The realtor can confirm.

You should know in advance that realtor’s cannot show you houses listed on the housing website. You should also know they may only show you what they want to show you. I trusted that our realtor had the integrity to help us find the right house and landlord.

I have posted a good bit of information about our house searching experience here: Our PCS Story.

TIP: When a landlord, or his realtor, agrees to something you’ve requested, have housing add it to the contract and specifically state who’s paying for it (if applicable). Be very specific so there is no room for a misunderstanding. I’m speaking from experience.

Can I bring my TVs, lamps, phone chargers, laptop, etc.?

You can bring anything that is dual voltage (110/220). We brought our TVs, lamps, laptops, etc. If it’s not dual voltage, you may want to do further investigation or ask your future co-workers before trying to use it. For lamps, you’ll need to buy 220v light bulbs and use an adapter for the outlet.

What about closet space?

Closets, like you have in the states, are few and far between. Housing will loan you wardrobes or you can purchase your own from Ikea or the antique markets. (loaner ones may be from the barracks and they are ugly, but functional)

Tip: Sometimes rentals aren’t equipped with appliances. Housing will also loan you washer/dryer (EU size), stove, refrigerator, and a dishwasher. *You don’t get to choose what you want, you get what housing gives you.

Is there a school on or near base?

Yes, you can find more info on schools in the PCS guide above. Our children aren’t here, so I’m not up to speed on the school system.

Do my visitors need VISAs?

At this time, they only need VISAs if they’re staying over 90 days. See for travel info.

Are language classes available on base?

Yes, check with ACS for registration and class dates. You must pre-register for these free classes.

Are there cultural classes?

ACS offers a free 3 day cultural and language class designed for spouses (Benvenuti). You must pre-register in person for this one also; it fills up fast.

There is also a benvenuti (welcome) program for teens to get them acquainted with their new home.

Are there things my kids can do while visiting in the summer?

So much to do. Gardaland and rafting are a couple of things we have planned. CYS offer Summer Camps that sound amazing (trips to Croatia, dive certifications, etc.). There is a youth center and pool on Vallagio. There is a boy scout troop on Ederle as well.

Once you arrive in Vicenza, go to the ACS building and speak with someone in the CYS office about your specific situation regarding registering the children. Our kids aren’t on our orders because they don’t live with us. Either way we have to register them with CYS so they may attend Summer Camp. Certain branches or organizations have different documentation requirements, so I advise you to check first.

Are there activities on base for adults and children?

Outdoor Recreation, painting, wood shop, picture framing classes, sewing classes, USO, fitness center, bowling, movies, photography classes, library, Teen Center, and more.

Tip: The fitness center and library have free Wi-Fi.

Are there fitness classes offered on base?

Yes and plenty of them. Check the website for the schedule.

My friend, Macey, just started a wonderful Power 1/2 Hour between 11:30 and 13:00 in addition to other classes. She also offers Dry Needling and personal training services, so if you’re interested click the link or ask the front desk of the Fitness Center.

Are there chiropractors in Vicenza?

I have discovered a chiropractor (as we know them in the US). That is Dr. De Luca in downtown Vicenza. He charges €40 (always ask-prices may change) for an adjustment. He speaks perfect English and was trained in the US. Dr. De Luca did a fantastic job adjusting me which others have struggled with the last few years.

Also, there is a massage therapist, Rebecca, who does a few chiropractic type things (check her credentials, I’m not up on the terminology) and massage. She is on base at the fitness center (click for prices and types of massages offered). Her massages are outstanding; not to mention affordable.

Do you recommend an evangelical church?

Some may say as long as you’re there, it’s good. I would say you want to go to a place that you’re comfortable going to, but one that makes you uncomfortable enough to grow through serving, bible studies, mentors, and small groups. We attended a service at the chapel on base a few weeks after arriving. A week later my husband and I watched the Glace Community Church service online and knew instantly it would be our home church while in Italy. There is another church in the area called Refuge. I’m not sure if there are others, but it’s easy to find everything you need between Google and the Facebook pages I’ve listed below. I pray you find one that is good for you/your family.

Will I receive a Welcome Packet from Vicenza?

Someone snail mailed us one, but we never received it. I would ask for it to be emailed, if possible.

Tip: Facebook pages you’ll want to follow:

Vicenza Travel Page

Vicenza Outdoor Recreation

Vicenza Family and MWR

USO Vicenza

US Army Garrison Italy

Housing in Vicenza Italy

Vicenza Italian Schools/Sports Parents Network

Army Wives Caserma Ederle

Vicenza Yard Sale

Some websites to bookmark:

Business Guide to Vicenza (Also lots of good travel info)

*You can download the business guide here.

Italy By US


USAG Vicenza

Volunteer Opportunities

MWR Calendar

Trenitalia (buy train tickets)

Read about our travels in Italy - click here.

A quick list of Requirements:

After receiving orders:

  1. Book travel with SATO.

  2. Book pre-PCS lodging.

  3. Book in-country temp lodging after arrival. I suggest staying on base for the first week.

  4. Schedule vehicle drop-off.

  5. Apply for passport. (If you don't have)

  6. Go to passport photo lab on base and get at least 6 passport photos.

  7. Apply for official passport. (You must have tourist passport also)

    1. Take 2 passport photos.

    2. Marriage certificate.

    3. Tourist passports.

  8. Once official passports are received, complete the Visa application.

  9. Get Visa App notarized.

  10. Take app to passport office with the following documents:

    1. Orders

    2. Official passport/s

    3. Marriage certificate (if there is one)

    4. Drivers license/s

    5. 2 passport photos

  11. Get IDP (int’l driver’s permit).

    Although some countries will accept your SETAF license (valid ONLY in NATO countries;

    this does not include Switzerland or Austria) or even a U.S. license, you are strongly

    encouraged to get an international driving permit. *

  12. Visit JAG for a power of attorney (for spouses).

  13. Email post office box at destination base and request p.o. box.

  14. Request change of address after you receive p.o. box address.

  15. Obtain car insurance for the destination country. It is more expensive in Italy as there is only one option.

  16. Before dropping off vehicle, it should be cleaned inside/out, necessary maintenance done, free of recalls, and less than ¼ tank of gas.

    1. Whomever is dropping the car off should have their name on the title of the car or you should have a joint ownership document from the travel office; among other documentation. Double check days before drop-off to avoid unnecessary stress.

All in all, it’s totally worth it. I will encourage you to help your spouse/family member in getting things done. It’s a lot to keep up with and they have to work. Please allow yourself approximately 6 months to get settled in.

If you have more questions, comment below and I’ll try to help. I hope you’ve found this helpful.

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