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My Singapore Trip

My Singapore Trip

Singapore, The Lion City. It is an island city-state south of Malaysia. First world country, stunning, clean, and has the most unusual laws. This should give you an idea (click to read more): On-the-spot fines are common, and can be given for a wide range of behaviors. You’ll be fined for littering and smoking in some public places. It’s also illegal to bring chewing gum into the country, except for certain medical chewing gums.” #knowb4ugo

Cultural Tip: Don’t break the laws and carry on.

More photos of our adventure here!

Things to see and do

Click on the link below to see the places I recommend and their location.  I will be adding to this list as time goes on. You can also click to view their websites and ratings.

Map of Things to Do and See

Hotel Costs

We paid $243 USD (2 nights, 4 adults – 2 Queen beds, kitchen, w/d, 1 bath) for an Air BnB. It was a great location on River Valley Rd. It was very convenient and a nice building. Holiday Inn Express offers rooms starting at approx. $153 SGD.

Average Food Costs

You can expect food prices to be similar to what you might find in Hawaii, or some of the big US cities. Check out the Boon Tong Kee Chinese Restaurant menu and costs. Below is a coffee menu at the Book Club. You can find budget spots, like at the hawker center in the  People’s Park Complex – see pics below.

Transportation Costs

To and from the airport, we spent approx. $30 SGD. We did a lot of walking, but as it got too hot and depending on the distance, we would grab a taxi. You can pick up a MRT- EZ Link card $10-12 SGD ( or .82 ride).

Suggested daily budget: If you’re a smart spender, I recommend budgeting for about $60 SGD a day. If you like to shop, use taxis, and eat at the fancier restaurants – expect to spend more. Visiting the tourist spots like Marina Bay Sands Skypark and Gardens by the Bay will run you $12 – $28 each.

Travel Tips:

The Changi Airport is awesome to say the least. You can get free carts for transporting luggage. You may experience multiple passport checks upon checking-in. Carry-ons were inspected at the gate (I found this unusual). If you have to go the bathroom, it’s outside the gate and you’ll have to go through security at the gate again if you exit.

It is hot and humid (and hazy). You will need lots of water. ?

It’s truly a foodie’s city and a great place for photography (visit Haji Lane!!). Haji Lane is next to Arab St. You will see the Arab St. sign from the main road, but not the Haji Lane sign because it’s on the side of the building.

See photos of our adventure here!

Did you get caught breaking a law while in Singapore?

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