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My Secret

My Secret

My secret to a successful vacation is


It almost sounds too easy, right? It takes time, research, and putting your pen to paper….or your fingers to the keyboard.

You may wonder where to start with planning. Try this:

  1. YouTube – watch vloggers in the area you will be visiting. For example: Search “Bangkok”. Look for videos with a broad title first (“25 things to do in BKK”), then narrow down as you find things you’re interested in.

  2. Instagram - follow hashtags! For example - #travelitaly or #ig_taiwan. You will see a wide variety of people posting and can get NEW ideas of things to see, where to eat, and what to do.

  3. Google – Browse dos and don’ts. You are more interested in having fun, being respectful of the culture, than going to jail or worse. Also, look for coupons/discounts on the tours or entry fees of the places you’ll visit.

  4. Maps – I use Google maps and map out the best route to hit all the areas and sites I want to see, plus determine where we’ll eat along the way.

  5. Accommodations – Choose accommodations according to your mode of transportation and where you’ll be the majority of your trip. Is it close to the train stop? Do I want to walk to/from in the dark? Are taxis a better option? You get my point.

  6. Itinerary – Make a one-stop shop for all of your info (soft & hard copy). On this you’ll want flight, car, and hotel confirmation numbers, address/directions written in the preferred language for taxi drivers, and all the stops you want to make “by day” and the best route (you already have that from the 4th step). Also, download a copy to your phone. Easy access to information and being organized saves time and reduces stress for all involved.


By planning accordingly, you’re able to be flexible and make the most of your trip. Also, you save money because you aren’t spending money on transportation to backtrack to hit the site you missed as a result of not being prepared.

Furthermore, if you’re traveling with others, you ALL aren’t deciding (or not deciding) on what to do, where to eat, etc. because you’ve done your research, you emailed it to them to get their buy-in, and upon arrival – you and your crew are ready to ROLL.

What helped you have a successful vacation?

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