Welcome to my travel blog.

I may tell you a travel story, share a list of things to do, an itinerary, or something totally irrelevant to travel, but beneficial for life. Either way, have fun looking around. This is my hobby and travel is my passion, so I can get away with contradicting the marketing strategies of the week.

I hope you find the information you need for your upcoming adventures. Maybe you’ll discover a few other things that’ll keep you coming back. (I would like someone to read my posts.)

Always feel free to comment and let me know if you have questions or suggestions. Please follow the GnG guidelines for commenting, which are: Be nice, refrain from cursing, and giggle a little - it’s good for the soul.


The Happy Traveler Behind GnG

The Happy Traveler Behind GnG


I’m Stacy. I’m a woman of few words.


On my IG, you’ll see this title-oriented description of me:
🌎 Travelmonger 🚞 
+ 📸 Travel Photographer for NatGeo (jk)🤣
+ 🤓 Culture Seeker🏮
+ 👩‍🌾 Missionary 📖

*it could be edited by the time you read this.

In reality, that is just a limited text version of what I do, what I enjoy, and what I hope to do. But who am I? Who are you? Do we even know how to properly answer this question? I know I’ve struggled with it in the past. It’s very difficult to say who we are without stating what we do. Am I defined by what I do? I think so, to an extent. However, let’s not stop at the surface - let’s go deeper.

I left my hometown (in North Alabama) in 2007 for the big city of Birmingham. I left Alabama in 2011 and moved to Hawaii. My husband and I met in Hawaii and married in 2013. Now, we are weeks away from moving to Italy. (That’s right! ITALY!) During those 8 years since leaving the deep south, I’ve gone on 7 mission trips (from Asia to South America). Also, I’ve traveled on vacation to Italy, Singapore, and Taiwan. Since I began traveling, I’ve gained a love for photography. I still have a lot to learn, but one day my photo will be in a Nat Geo magazine. Hear me roar! 😊

I’ve been in school since 2010 seeking a Biblical Studies degree. Unlike high school, studying in college is fun! I love to learn about the Bible, Anthropology, and World Religions. To truly reach the lost, I must be knowledgeable and open to encounter individuals of other cultures and religions. I began teaching on cross-cultural serving and how to be a part of a missions team in 2017. This has been a great experience for me and will be the foundation for what’s to come later this year.

If I look beneath all of that, what is within that drives me to do those things? Mine and your self-concept is confirmed by action. What we say and do is often a reflection of our heart. I travel because I love cross-cultural encounters and seeing what God has created all over the world. I thoroughly enjoy the unknown (I have my limits though). I serve in ministry and serve on mission trips because it’s the Great Commission, I enjoy traveling, planning, and being part of a team. I come home from serving in the field, or traveling, feeling refreshed and renewed. Well sometimes, even more tired than before I left. Fulfilled, nonetheless.

To get down to who we are, we should take a step back and look at what we do, then ask ourselves why we do it. I could say that my desires propel me into things, but I don’t always desire to serve with others or communicate with people. It’s deeper than just desires. It’s what I believe in, what I’m good at, and it’s fulfilling. When I don’t “feel” like it, I get over it because it’s my purpose and it’s what I need to do.

On the flip-side, I may insist on having a clean house and clutter free space at all times. It makes me feel free of burdens, okay!

I like order and cleanliness. Just not on my IG wall. HA! That thing is all over the place.

I’m not an over-the-top germ-o-phobe. I use squatty potties in foreign countries. I ride the train without hand wipes. I’m not afraid of a germ!

If someone speaks of traveling or missions, I may be a little persistent in urging them to go. I'm passionate about it is all.

Also, I say ma’am and sir because I retained most of my southern manners – it’s really nothing to do with your age, rank, or social status. It’s respectful to my peers and elders.

We believe in spankings around here - another southern and Samoan quality retained.

I’ll have wine or a beer with dinner - that doesn’t make me a sinner.

I ask questions and will question those in authority if I think there’s a need - with respect of course; respect and integrity are of great importance to me.

Over the last 7 years, I’ve come to realize that I’m a supporter and an encourager. I like to build healthy relationships, find out people’s dreams, and help them to achieve those dreams or at least get them moving out of their comfort zone. That supporting and encouraging spirit I speak of has led me to share my travel experiences with you. To help you achieve something! You may be looking to go abroad for the first time, go on some sort of mission trip, or save money while traveling. I would love to help you do that in a strategic, smart, and budget-friendly manner. Just leave me a comment or send me an email. If not, no worries - happy traveling friend!

This is who I am. Flaws and all.

Smile! It’s contagious!

Some of my favorites quotes are:

“You can’t delegate until you develop.” Pastor Chris Hodges

“This reorientation away from self-absorption and toward others paradoxically benefits the self.” Book – Why the Rest Hates the West

“If you don’t live by the praise of men, you won’t die by their criticism.” Pastor Bill Johnson



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