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Madonna della Corona

Madonna della Corona

Before moving to Italy, I was following a few hashtags on Instagram and began to see pictures of a church built on the side of a mountain and it was instantly a bucket list item. The church is called Santuario della Madonna della Corona. It is located in Spiazzi and perched on Monte Baldo.


Never did I imagine I would have the opportunity to see something so amazing this year. Previously, I had seen pictures of a temple built on a mountainside in Bhutan and was absolutely astonished by the beauty and uniqueness of it. Not to mention it’s just cool for a structure to be carved into the mountainside so high up. I may not be in Bhutan, but I have an equally great opportunity.

We took the path less taken to reach this gem… June, i.e. it was sunny and hot. The trail is the ancient Pilgrim’s Path and it was the most memorable journey to church ever. Honestly, about 15 - 20 minutes into the climb I thought, “I’m tired already, how am I going to make it?” I’ve done enough physical training to know my body and I know if I hang in there to get my second wind, I’ll be fine. Snacks and water are an absolute must in this heat and they contributed to my successful climb. Thankfully the majority of the path is shaded by the lush forestry. Since I was on the Pilgrim’s Path, I told myself that when Jesus was on his way to the cross he felt way worse than this, so I had nothing to whine about. I got up from the boulder and made it to Madonna della Corona.


FACT: I did a minimum amount of research on where to park and what was involved in the walk (top-side) or hike (bottom-side/The Pilgrim’s Path).

I’m glad I didn’t know that following the signs would take us to a 90-minute Insanity workout, minus Shaun T. Otherwise, we would’ve walked the short route and life is too short not to see all the hike had to offer.

Need-to-know: If you go to the point I’ve marked below in the village of Brentino, you will hike upstairs for 1.5-2 hours to reach the church. Another important factor is there are loose stones on this walk - small and large. Be careful. Thankfully they have cables and rails occasionally for you to hold onto.

Benefit: You get amazing views 80% of the way up and you’ll burn enough calories for 5 days. (80% and 5 days are my personal estimates.)

Downside: What goes up the stairs must come down the stairs. The shuttle (#499) at the top does not take you to the parking lot in the village of Brentino. I didn’t see that any bus would.

Tips: The bathrooms and drinking water is at the church. The watering hole at the bottom/start of the trail is not drinkable. Ensure your knees can take the steep stairs down when deciding where to park.

Photo tip: There is a trail just below the bus stop that offers a great view of the church (thumbnail picture was taken in said spot).

Park here for the ancient Pilgrim’s Path.


Park here to take the bus or walk down to the church. The bus is 3€ roundtrip.


Madonna della Corono was just over an hour drive from Vicenza. If you want more information, click this link.

We are so blessed to be surrounded by all of the beautiful places here in Italy. Thank you for following along as we make our way around the EU.

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