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Learn 10 Hawaiian Words

Learn 10 Hawaiian Words

I'm certain you'll hear most of these within your first few days of being in Hawaii. One might think "pupu" is something that is found in a toilet, not on a menu............that's why it's important for you to know the Hawaiian meaning.

Check out these 10 words so you don't sound like the culturally uneducated tourist.

Aloha - Hello, goodbye, love, peace, compassion

Mahalo - Thank you

A hui hou - Until we meet again

Hana hou - One more time/do it again

Pupus - Appetizers

Wahine - Woman

Kamaaina - Resident

Keiki - child

Kai - Ocean

Ma uka - Mountain

Fore more information on visiting the islands visit the Travel Tips page.

Wedding in Hawaii

Wedding in Hawaii

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