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Italy: Ten Day Itinerary

Italy: Ten Day Itinerary

If you have a high energy level, then this itinerary is for you. I’ve started you off with some basic travel tips, then provided you with things to see and where to eat along the way. It looks like more than it is. These places are usually very close together and takes little time to see ten places. There is also a map and other blog posts to help you with your planning.


Plan to focus on certain areas of the city each day. Use this itinerary to help you plan efficiently.

Sometimes you’ll be waiting 20 minutes or more for a bus. If you can, go by foot.

Wear comfortable walking shoes. Those cobblestones and uneven sidewalks are not forgiving.

Take taxis when you need to conserve your energy. There’s a lot more walking to be done, if you’re too tired - rest.

A bus/metro ticket is valid for 100 minutes. There are also 24-hour and 3-day tickets.

Use the Metro (underground) runs frequently, for travels outside of the historic center.

The Roma Pass is valid for 48 or 72 hours and allows unlimited transportation in the city, plus discounts at museums.

Rome: Note the locations of taxi stands — generally, you cannot hail taxis on the street. However, you can call one by dialing 060609 .

Hotels we stayed in and recommend:

Rome: Starhotels Metropole Rome

Florence: Starhotels Michaelangelo

Venice: Palazzo Giovanelli

For Airbnbs, check out this post for recommendations.

Methods of Transportation

We took the train to Florence and Venice.

A driver took us to the hotels in Rome and Florence from the train station.

A water taxi took us from the train station to our hotel in Venice (and back).

While in Rome and Florence, we used the city bus, taxi, metro, train, biked and walked.

We did guided tours to Vatican, Pisa, and Siena.

Day 1-Rome

❖ Colosseum

❖ Arch of Constantine

❖ Palatine Hill

❖ Protestant Cemetary-Testaccio

❖ You can walk up from Trastevere (10 mins) or pick up bus #115, a circular route.

❖ Colle del Gianicolo

A canon on the Janiculum Hill goes off daily at noon. Romans would use it as a way to track the time. While in the city center at noon, you can hear it too. Then, you’ll know it’s lunch time.

❖ Largo di Torre Argentina

Pick up some ice cream at Gelateria Corona (Largo Arenula 27) near the tram tracks. You won’t be disappointed.

❖ Carcere Mamertino-Paul’s Prison

This was one of the main attractions for me, but sadly it was closed for renovations when we were in Rome (2015). I’ll be going again soon though.

❖ Arch of Septimius

❖ Roman Forum

❖ Musei Capitolini

❖ Campo de’Fiori

❖ Piazza Navona

❖ Chiesa di Sant’Ignazio

❖ Pantheon

❖ Church of San Luigi dei Francesi

❖ Trevi Fountain

As with the prison, Trevi fountain was under renovations when we were visiting. I’ll return to this attraction as well.

❖ Spanish Steps

Day 2-Rome

❖ Vatican Museums (Private Tour w/ a group)

The company our travel agent used was City Wonders. Click for the VIP tour w/breakfast. You want the breakfast for the experience (breakfast in the courtyard!) and the food of course.

Avoid bringing backpacks or large bags inside, as you will be required to check them. You don’t really want to backtrack.

Book ahead to avoid lines.

Talking and photos are not allowed in the Sistine Chapel.

St. Peter’s Basilica - You can climb to the top of the dome by taking all 551 steps or take the elevator and then climb 320 steps.

❖ Pizzarium, Bonci’s Place (restaurant)-behind the Vatican.

❖ Cacio e Pepe (restaurant)-around the vatican

❖ Castel Sant’Angelo

❖ I Dolci Di Nonna Vincenza (restaurant)

❖ Museo dell’Ara Pacis

❖ Piazza del Popolo

Santa Maria del Popolo

Day 3-Rome

❖ Circus Maximus

Campagna Amica market is held nearby on Via di San Teodoro on weekends. The farmers are local. Browse or pick up picnic fixings.

❖ Pizzeria Da Remo’s (restaurant)

❖ Pyramid of Cestius

Take the Metro to Piramide-Ostiense

❖ Parco Regionale dell'Appia Antica.

❖ Cincecitta Si Mostra

Metro A, Cinecittà stop is right in front of the entrance.

Avoid Tuesdays; that’s when sets are cleaned.

Have a coffee at the 1930s bar.

❖ Parco degli Acquedotti

To get here: take Metro A to Subaugusta or Giulio Agricola station.

Riding a bike is also a great option for experienced cyclists. Bikes can be rented from Collalti or other points. Get started early because traffic picks up before lunch.

Aqueducts Park entrance is at Via Lemonia, 256.

When the road is narrow, ride single file. Remember, bikes and motorcycles have the same rights as cars.

Bring a picnic or dine at Giuda Ballerino.

❖ Ancient Appian Way

Rent bikes and enjoy the trail (not the cobblestones - that can get bumpy). Sometimes, you will have to ride on the road, but it’s all about the experience - right?

Be prepared to leave your driver’s license when you rent a bike. Take your passport with you to have another ID on you at all times.

Along the way, stop and see the catacombs and museums.

❖ Villa of the Quintill (via Appia Antica)

❖ Bar Pompi (via Appia Antica) (pastries)

Day 4-Rome

❖ II Gelato

❖ Ostia Antica (take train to in the evening, then walk to destinations)

Visit the archaeological park of the harbour city of ancient Rome.

Have dinner in Ostia at La Vecchia Pineta. It’s a retro building, perched by the sea, serving up fresh seafood dishes.

Rome Map - Pinned some places listed above.

Day 5-Rome to Florence

❖ Travel to Florence by train.

❖ Firenze by Night

❖ Tour to Siena

We booked a tour to Siena. While there we walked around the small city taking it all in. We had lunch, visited the basilica in the main piazza where they have the annual horse race, and walked up to a few parks and lookout points. Just get lost! It was a very delightful place. I would like to spend a weekend there.

❖ Boboli Gardens and Silver Museum

❖ Ponte Vecchio -Arno River

❖ Piazza Croce-Florence

❖ San Lorenzo market

❖ Baptistery of San Giovanni

❖ Giotto’s Bell Tower

Do take a good camera — views from the top are stunning!

I recommend doing this in the evening to see the sunset.

❖ Visit United colours of Benetton if you’re in the mood to shop (women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing and accessories).

❖ Duomo-Cathedral of Santa Maria dei Fiore

When visiting the Duomo, you have the option to buy a day ticket to all the attractions within Piazza Duomo. This is convenient and will save you $ and queuing time.

Michaelangelo’s Pieta - my fave!

❖ San Gimignano-Florence


Day 6-Florence

❖ The Basilica of San Miniato al Monte

Getting here: Take a bus from central Florence.

❖ Piazzale Michelangelo

❖ Uffizi Gallery

❖ Accademia Gallery

❖ Church of Santa Maria Novella

❖ Trattoria Mario

❖ Buca Lapi (restaurant)

Day 7-Florence

❖ Pisa (Tour 0930)

We took a tour to Pisa to see the Leaning Tower and had lunch downtown. It was nice not having to worry with transportation.

❖ Ponte Vecchio @ sunset

Florence Map - Pinned some places listed above.

Day 8-Florence & Venice

❖ Cruise around town and have breakfast.

❖ Travel to Venice by train.

❖ Take boat to Burano, Murano, and Torcello.

The tour in 2015 to all three islands cost us 40€ each. We purchased it from a vendor by the water taxi dock, on the other side of Piazza San Marco.

The cost of a one-way ride on the water taxi is 7 euro or you can buy a 12-hour island pass for 18 euro.

Shop @ Neverland while on Burano.

Da Ramano Restaurant - as always check the hours.

❖ Cantina do Mori - for snacks and wine back in Venice.

Day 9-Venice

❖ La Scala Opera

❖ St Mark’s Basilica

❖ Doges' Palace

❖ Bridge of Sighs

Day 10-Venice

Travel to Airport via water taxi.

Venice Map - Pinned some places listed above. 

Extras (if you have time):

❖ Pizzeria Da Remo’s (restaurant)

❖ Al 56 Zero Otto (restaurant)

❖ Enoteca Al Volto (restaurant) - they serve outstanding beef heart!

❖ Bistrot Giuda Ballerino/Glass Hostaria (restaurant)

❖ Cinema Dei Piccoli

❖ Parco della Musica

❖ MAXXI-Museo Nazionale Delle Arti del XXI Secolo

❖ Bramante Terrace at Hotel Raphael

The terrace is only open during the warmer months.

❖ Castello Di Montalbano

Via Di Montalbano 8, 50135 San Jacopo al Girone, Tuscany, Italy +39 055 012 7022

Read more money saving travel tips and about our first time in Italy by clicking the image.

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