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First Time in Croatia

First Time in Croatia

The second European road trip was a success. Hubs and I left for Croatia on a Saturday morning and returned on Monday. It took four hours to drive from Vicenza to Pula. The drive was a good one despite the road construction and the many 18-wheelers on the road. Once in Pula, we off-loaded at the Airbnb, then headed to the sea so my very determined husband could dive. Even though he returned with zero fish in tow, he enjoyed being the aquaman he is for an hour or two. (His passion is spearfishing, so if you know of any great spearfishing spots, please let me know.) The diving adventure and late lunch took up our evening. On Sunday, we went to Ravinj with friends. After the boat ride and lunch, we walked the oh-so-beautiful streets near the harbor which left us longing to return for a weekend in the near future. Then came Monday - it was time to leave already. :( To extend our road trip, we took a scenic drive by the coast of Trieste. It was raining and overcast, so it wasn’t very scenic. Not to mention we almost plowed into a pedestrian on the wet road. Yikes!

This is not a post where I share budget-friendly recommendations and cultural tips, but one for you to be inspired by the pictures and video clips. Seriously, Ravinj is the bomb dot com. Is that still a cool phrase? I mean I know it’s not the 90s, but isn’t it timeless?

What you need to know is Croatia is affordable, people are friendly, and it’s easy to get around. Here’s your one tip: pay for parking on Sunday; we got a boot on the car that cost 80 HRK because we were told in Pula we didn’t have to pay on Sunday. Clearly, that doesn’t carry over to Ravinj.

Now, get to scrolling, admiring, watching, reading, and traveling friend.

Soon after this photo was taken we were driving on dirt roads to reach a dive spot - in the Hyundai sedan.


We encountered a seafood party in Premantura. No, we did not partake because it was all shellfish and cash only.

The busy harbor meant no diving here.

Husband enthusiastically dove in the Adriatic at Cliff Jump.

dive in croatia

Once he returned, we played corn-hole on the cliffs.


Had lunch at a well camouflaged cafe, Safari Bar.

It’s been like 18 months of Sundays since I played darts, but thanks to our fun friends we had a blast at Caffe Bar Cabahia in Pula. (smoking is allowed inside this bar and it’s not okay with me)

I admired the Pula Arena from the street.


Stopped in the rain to get a picture of the Pula Train Station because it’s the cutest ever!


Cruised the shores of Ravinj aboard the No Name boat (cost 75 HRK/€10 each for 1 hour and 15 minutes-ish).

Ate lunch at Veli Jože in Ravinj and enjoyed looking at their eclectic collection of boat accessories and vintage items.

I maneuvered my way over the treacherous terrain on the shores of Gortan's Cove to get that perfect ocean shot. (ok, that’s an exaggeration) Honestly, I was chasing my husband as he swam out to discover more sea life in the Adriatic. Since, I didn’t get a great picture of him in the water, I’ll post this one to display the shiny teal color of the sea.


Oh…..we played corn-hole again at Gortan's Cove. It had tiered seating and was a perfect setting for the game.


Finally, the only pictures I took of the Airbnb. Pause - my heart’s melting. I want the German bathroom door hardware. When the door is unlocked it says “FREI”, when it’s locked it says “BESETZT”. Bless it - those kitchen tiles bring a smile to my face and puts a new pep in my step.

Usually, I would link to the Airbnb, but I will not recommend this one. It was a great deal and in a great location. However, if other people are staying in the two rooms across the hall, I don’t think it would be a comfortable accommodation because of the frosted glass on the bathroom door in the hallway, no window covering on the balcony door which is in the bathroom, and no shower curtain. Also, the bedroom door wouldn’t lock from the inside. We didn’t mind because we were the only ones there. In case you were wondering why there’s no link…….

It was a fantastic weekend trip and I’d do it again. Hubs and I are looking forward to visiting other cities in Croatia and no doubt - I will share them with you as well.

You can see the complete Instagram Highlight from Croatia here.

Ciao ciao!

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