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Fear of Travel

Fear of Travel

The Diagnosis Is Hodophobia.

Hodophobia is the irrational and intense fear of travel.

Why do people fear traveling?

  • Watching too much horrific news about what’s going on in other countries.

Think about this: what are other countries broadcasting about the U.S.? No place on Earth is without crime, protests, or the possibility of terrorism. We often only see the worst on TV.

  • You prefer your comfort zone, because you feel in control.

It’s ok to prefer your comfort zone, until you can no longer go without seeing what the world has to offer. Personally planning your trip and researching the area will give you a sense of control while traveling. If you need assistance planning, check out my basic travel tips to get started. Feel free to reply to this post, if you desire more information.

What to do when you dream of seeing the world, but can’t quite make the commitment?

  1. Filter what you watch, hear, and read. Inspiration never came from today’s “breaking news.” Visit people’s sites (or watch videos) who are successful travelers with great stories to share.

  2. Take baby steps to get out of your comfort zone – ex. spend a day in Chinatown. Talk to people whose first language is not your own.

Traveling affords us an opportunity to (semi-) accurately gauge our opinions on the functionality of our own government/society and to smash stereotypes. Bustling cities, like Bangkok, have hidden gems and beautiful people. Ancient cities, like Rome, have cobblestone streets and cathedrals beyond your imagination. Islands, like Oahu, have traditions they hold dearly. It’s definitely worth experiencing as it could be transforming.

Below are some travel vloggers I adore. Maybe they’ll help inspire you to click that BOOK NOW button and be on your way to another world outside of your own.

Miss Mina
Mikey Chen

What helped you overcome your fear of traveling?

Short-Term Missions

Short-Term Missions

Use a Squatty Potty Like a Pro

Use a Squatty Potty Like a Pro