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Your Travel Guide to Bangkok

Your Travel Guide to Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand……oh the Land of Smiles and the City of Angels. It is a frenetic city, culturally rich, and has loads of potential. Once you look beneath the pollution, noise, and traffic you see the beauty in the people, food, and why it is so culturally attractive, then the love story begins. I traveled with a friend and we had a grandeur time discovering the city together. I can't wait to return.

Cultural Tip: Each day at 0800 and 1800 the royal/national anthem is played and you should follow your neighbor, stop and stand until the anthem is over. It is played over TV, radio, sky train, underground, bus station, in parks, and other public places.

Photos of the Bangkok adventure!


Hotel costs: If you plan to stay a few weeks and you want to get comfortable, you can stay somewhere like Urbana Sathorn. A 1-2 bedroom suite at this 5 star hotel will cost you approximately $100 - $130 a night. If you’re not in need of a 5 star accommodation, maybe a Holiday Inn Express (for example) would suit you just fine. This will run you about $63 a night. On the other hand, you can book an Airbnb for roughly $40 a night. Note: If you want to be adventurous and budget friendly, choose a hostel or a guest house.

Average cost of food: In this bustling city, you can eat “street food” (food bought at vendors on the side of the street) for cheap……low-low. I mean the best pad thai you ever put in your pie hole with shrimp for 30 THB = less than $1 USD. Restaurant meals vary, but if you're thrifty you'll be fine at still a low $5-$10 for a nice sized meal. You can shop the 7-Eleven for snacks and water for dirt cheap.

Travel Tip: You will need lots of water (bottle water) and only ice with a hole in it (made from filtered water). Also, only eat at recommended, clean, and safe street vendors. Pray cleansing and give thanks for everything you put into your body. 😊

Transportation costs: The BTS, Skytrain, and water taxis were excellent for traveling and extremely cheap. For instance, we could take a water taxi for less than $1 USD and get where we needed to go and fast. I suggest knowing your stops and having pictures of the stops in Thai when taking a water taxi, the maps there can be tricky when viewing them for the first time. We took the Skytrain to the airport and I’m so glad we did. It cost 30 THB from Ram Khamhaeng station which is close to Ekamai, not to mention it was a 20-minute ride. No complaints whatsoever. There is a red bus in the metro area that is FREE. Neither mode of transportation will break you – that’s certain. See bus rates here. (keep in mind, currently {9/26/2017} 33 THB is $1 USD).

Travel Tip: If you take a taxi – make sure the meter is ON. If they don’t turn it on or don’t have one – no ride. I suggest walking when you can so you can take photos, chat with people, and dive into places as needed (have comfy shoes).

Suggested daily budget: If you’re a smart spender, I recommend budgeting for about 990 THB/$30 USD a day. If you like to shop, use taxis, and eat at the fancier restaurants – expect to spend more.

Things to see and do: Click on the link below to see the places I recommend and their location.  You can also click to view their websites.

Bangkok Map of Things to Do and See

What did you learn while traveling in Bangkok?

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