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I hope you find the information you need for your upcoming adventures. Maybe you’ll discover a few other things that’ll keep you coming back. (I would like someone to read my posts.)

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Keep Calm & Hop

Keep Calm & Hop

Shore & Island Hopping

What are the benefits of shore hopping?

  • Save time doing what you came to do vs. driving (i.e. sitting in traffic).

  • Enjoy another location for a longer period of time.

  • If you don't stay in the tourist town the entire stay, you can possibly save money. Not to mention gas.

What are the benefits of island hopping?

  • No island was created equal. You flew to the middle of the Pacific ocean, so you may as well see all there is to see. How many times might you return? You can fly from one island to another for approximately $70-$125 one-way depending on which islands your traveling between.

  • It's cheaper to island hop while here, than to return in the future. (unless of course you want to)

  • You will leave feeling like you saw all of what this beautiful state has to offer - from canyons to black sand beaches!

So start hopping! :)

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