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Couples Travel to Hawaii

Couples Travel to Hawaii

Ho’i Hou Ke Aloha

(Let us fall in love all over again)

There are no limits to the romance you can experience in Hawaii; whether at the beach watching the sunset, eating local fruit, and drinking wine or at the finest restaurant on the island enjoying the local food and scenery.

While on Oahu, I have some suggestions to enhance your romantic vacation in paradise. Honestly, there is so much to do and see here - I can't possibly list them all. What I have listed are some of our favorites. Other things can be found on the Experience Oahu page I've linked to below. If you and your love have visited Oahu before, feel free to make suggestions by leaving a comment.

Grits N Giggles recommend the following on Oahu (based on experience):

Fine Dining

  • Michel's (dress code) - located in Waikiki, ocean-side. Make reservations.

  • Top of Waikiki - located in Waikiki.

    • I recommend dining on a Friday night to experience fireworks while having dinner.

Casual Dining

Relaxed Dining




Top 3 Beach Suggestions for Couples

  1. Kawela Bay - North Shore

  2. Chun's - North Shore

  3. Bellows - Waimanalo

I look forward to your feedback and reading how wonderful your romantic vacation was. A hui hou!

Experience Oahu On a Budget

Experience Oahu On a Budget

Kauai in 3 Days

Kauai in 3 Days