About This Traveler


Hey y'all, annyeong seyo, hola, and aloha!!

I am Stacy!

GritsNGiggles is a creative outlet for me to share my personal experiences of traveling abroad. I'm from southeast America (Alabama to be exact). I moved to Hawaii over 8 years ago where my life was turned completely around. “I’s married now! I say, I’s married now!” (The Color Purple reference. Thank you, Shug Avery.) If that wasn’t enough, we moved to Italy in February of 2019. I know right - totally awesome and unexpected.

It was an American History class that really sparked my interest in travel. My professor introduced the idea of the Peace Corps to me. I began to see that there is so much more to this world than I had ever imagined. The experiences from personal travels and mission trips has sparked a fire in me to share what I've learned about traveling abroad, cultures vastly different from mine, and how to travel in a cost effective manner. It's not enough for me to tell you where to go and what tourist sites are best............. It is my heart for you to thoroughly enjoy and experience each country in a way that enhances your life. May travel do something in your spirit that has you share with others also.